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No Matter How Crazy It Seems


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Dreams are meant to be followed, that's why we have them!

Yet so many of us never do. Why?

We talk ourselves out of it for a whole host of reasons.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I'm not one of the lucky ones.
  • How in the heck am I going to do this?
  • Where will I find the time?
  • I'll do it once I retire.
  • I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • I can't do this alone.
  • How will I support myself and my family?
  • That's all just crazy talk, it's not really possible.

Those are all very legit concerns. All of which I told myself at one point too. Also all concerns I found a way around which is part of what I'll share with you in this blog!

Is there a dream constantly tugging at you?

There is a reason!

Following this tug is making a choice between truly living or letting life pass you by.

Once you start down the path of your dreams, you'll find it will lead you on a journey that reveals more about life AND yourself than you could ever dream up.

 It's not insane to live your dreams, it's living your sane.

So join in with me. Let's share in this incredible journey called life together!

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In this blog, I not only share with you my own journey of following dreams but I also arm you with the tools necessary to start and grow an online business that can support the life of your dreams!

I'm sharing these tools in order to save you wasted time and energy so you can turn those dreams into reality sooner.

Where did I get these tools? From my own experiences in the following:

Entrepreneurship -

In my 20+ year career as a Sales Executive in the manufacturing sector, I often had the thought of owning my own business. Doing what, I didn't have a clue.

One day it came to me out of the blue. Funny how things in life show up precisely when you're ready for them.

I was at the point in my life where my career had plateaued. There was no advancement in my future. Only more work for the same amount of money.

Not to mention the stress this was causing, effecting my health at a young age.

This made we wonder about my future. Watching colleagues have major health issues and even passing before they retired made me determined to make a change in my own life.

I was looking for a way out of this dead end career and move into a life FREEDOM. A life where I could work from anywhere anytime, be my own boss, and discover more about the world.

The idea that came to me sprung the creation of a product that keeps you confident the slippery things you love will stay safe and secure. You can find out more about them on our site -

I will say that becoming an entrepreneur entailed a lot more than I had anticipated. The biggest surprise was how much of an internal journey it became. The self-discipline and mindset needed to be successful really threw me for a loop.

That's where my next journey came into play:

Self Growth

In the beginning, it's about learning to become your own boss and be totally self-reliant. Holding yourself accountable and dealing with the unpredictable cash flow can be daunting.

Then it goes to a whole other level. It requires finding the self-belief and courage it takes to step forward into the unknown day after day after day.

In order to do so we must go within, sometimes further than feels comfortable, to build a healthy relationship with ourselves. We have to learn to trust our thoughts and often block out what others suggest, even though they mean well.

There are loads of resources, tips, and tricks out there to help you with this.

I'll be sharing the ones I've tried and the ones that have worked for me. I've picked through a lot of techniques until a combination of them rang true to me.

Understand no two of us are alike so what I share may not be what works for you. Though finding out what does work for you is a blessing in your journey.

Either way, you need to have a good mindset if you are serious about following your dreams and making some major changes.

This brings me to the next part of the journey:

Lifestyle Change

Do you feel ready for a lifestyle change?

Maybe it's a good life. You have what you need to be comfortable. Things are perfectly in a row the way they "should" be.

You're just looking for something more. Maybe something more fulfilling, more adventurous, or more exciting. Something you can feel proud of when it all comes down to it.

That was definitely me. I had a "good" job and a nice house in the mountains of Colorado. I could stay right where I was and live out the rest of my life just fine. But I felt like that would be giving up, giving in, and settling. I KNEW there was something more.

I had such a feeling about this I was ready to burst! Ready to be FREE to be my best self. Ready to grow and grow and never stop growing.

FREEDOM. That was it. That was the lifestyle I was looking for. Freedom financially, personally, and professionally.

Nothing made me feel more FREE than sailing.

When I longed for freedom, I envisioned being on the bow of the boat with the feel of the wind carrying the sail and the sound of the boat moving through the water. That's where I feel most at home.

So when my husband came home one day and asked why not sell the house and go sailing, you KNOW what I said! No hesitation, no second guessing. I was ALL IN!

THAT was my big lifestyle change. All in one day I quit my 20+ career in sales to build my own business, signed over my house after selling everything in it, and took off for Connecticut to go refit a boat and move aboard.

It's a lot, I know. And this is where some thought me totally insane. But I'm here to tell you how wonderful it all worked out.

Sure, it wasn't easy. Nothing worth it in life really is. Which is why I'm sharing the journey with you here!

You'll get the real story of following your dreams along with ways to get through the struggles to find your place in this world. The place YOU call home. Your Sane!

My hope is that in doing so, we can each fill our own unique piece of the bigger puzzle and create a better future for us all!

Enjoy the blog!

Many Blessings ~


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Happy New Years celebrations my friends! 🥳🥂🤹‍♂️💕

May 2023 be full off accepting, appreciating & enjoying who you are now,  where you are in your journey and where you are going!!! 💖

Many Blessings ~

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How you feel when your plans for the New Year all come together!

Once you get an idea of what your dreams are, theres nothing like taking actions to make it happen.

I am so excited to share all the steps you can easily take so creating your dream life comes faster & easier for you too. 

It all begins with deciding exactly what youre big dream is. 

For me its sailing. Once I accepted & embraced this without any resistance to it I could begin to plan on how to get this done.

Are you ready to embrace your dream this New Year?

How about a big YEAH!!!!

#annesane #liveyoursane #livethedreams #dreamitdoit #newyearnewgoals
Merry Christmas! 🎄 I hope your Christmas Season was magical this year for you & all your loved ones. ✨ 

~ Many Blessings

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Feeling frazzled, stretched too thin, or just as if youre not getting any traction?

I hear ya loud & clear! Recently I ended up wondering if all my work day in & day out was actually moving me forward or if I was just spinning my wheels... really really hard... and ending up stressed out or even burnt out all over again.

Then I found this awesome course called The Lifehack Method and decided to try it for 3 months. Well after the first week, I feel so much better already.

Here are 3 things that Ive done to really help:

1 - Clean up my to-dos. Ive been using 3 different apps for my tasks - Microsoft ToDo, Google Tasks & Asana. My goal is to clean them all up first and then widdle it down to using only one. Ill let you know which one I decide on and my reason why when Im done.

2 - Quickly plan out everything for the next week. I say quickly because the course allows 1/2 hr ea. week & I used to spend WAY more than that every Sat morning.

But TBH, I tried it their way Fri at noon & I had such a better weekend then Ive had in years just cuz I didnt have to wonder WHEN I was going to fit everything in!!! 😆

3 - Add your tasks into a calendar slotted time. If its a home project, put it in somewhere. If its a work task, add it in like its an appointment.

Of course there are A LOT more tips to offer here. But keeping things simple and doing only 3 for now helps us avoid the overwhelm - which ends up causing the stress we dont want.

What do you think? Do you feel like you could give 1 or all 3 of these a try?

Give me a Yay or Nay in comments below 👇

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Always remember we are here to serve others first & foremost!

A little over a week ago we had to grab an emergency flight to NJ & go help my MIL get out of an awful rehab center that wasnt taking good care of her.

Unfortunately she fell on Halloween & fractured a vertebrae. She was in the rehab center for 2 weeks and her health was getting worse.

So we dropped everything, flew up north, and got her moved over to the absolute best rehab in the area. It took a lot of work & patience but hubby handled it like a pro!

Shes doing much better now & hopefully will be home within a week.

Im so grateful for how well everything worked out!! 🙏

When youre doing things for the right reasons with kind intentions, God takes good care of all involved. 

Now its back to work but Im sooo happy to be getting rocked around by our sweet little home on the water again! ⛵

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving week with all the ones you love!! 🥰

#grateful🙏 #annesane #serveothers #helpothersinneed #thankfulness
Initially I was going to write down what I saw myself as now so I could build upon that to become my dream self. You know the drill...write down your skills and your interests. Then figure out how to build on them to lead you to your hopes & dreams.⁠
But then I remembered something I recently heard the Godmother of Dream Life creation, @marymmorrissey , say. She said you dont go TO what youre wanting, you have to come FROM it.⁠
Now, what the heck does that mean?⁠
That means instead of striving to become who you want to be or working hard for the things youd like in your life - Live as if you already ARE that person with all that you want.⁠
Now, if its money you desire - that doesnt mean go out & spend like you would if you had it.⁠
What it DOES mean though, is exist EMOTIONALLY as if you had it. BE in the image of it. FEEL what its like to be cooking in that kitchen of your dreams. SENSE the ease of paying for all your bills and doing fun things with the cash leftover.

Close your eyes. Breathe it in. Hold that feeling for a few seconds. Love it, hug it, and breathe out.⁠
Do this a couple more times before opening your eyes.⁠
NOW write down who you are.⁠
And the next time you feel the anxiety or frustration of not having what you want start to creep back up, take a quick moment to do this exercise again.⁠
~ Many Blessings⁠

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Were all different in one way or another, so dont just walk to the beat of your own drum, POUND it!⁠
What is it that makes you unique? Do you know? And are you proud of it?⁠
After selling my house and moving onto a boat I felt very unusual. Yes, even tho it was my choice, because my dream is to sail around and see as much of the world as I possibly can, I still went thru some growing pains.⁠
I had to LEARN not to pay attention to conventional ways of living on land. Even today, years later, people think Im nuts because I choose the boat over a house or apartment, especially when the weathers bad.⁠
But I cant tell you what joy it brings when you accept whats different about you. Heck, not just accept it but learn to love and cherish it.⁠
If youre looking for FREEDOM, this is one big major step to take!⁠
Oh, and if you want to know more about what #boatlife is like. click on my Boatlife Vlog in my profile, @iamannesane.⁠
~ Many Blessings⁠

#acceptyourself #bedifferentbeyou #youareunique #lovewhoyouare #annesane
Watch out! Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable could become a little overplayed. Heres why:

1 - If you become too used to uncomfortable, you may just be inviting that into your life. When things are settled and happening with ease, you could find yourself searching for anything that makes you uncomfortable just so youre feeling the way thats become familiar.


2 - Just the opposite could happen. You might go overboard with the comfort factor and constantly shy away from doing anything that makes you feel at all uncomfortable.

Either scenario wont help us create our best life. So what can we do?

Im figuring this out for myself right now. Theres absolutely nothing comfortable about being an entrepreneur or a liveaboard.

In fact, I spent last week getting thru our first official Hurricane on the boat. 4 days of heavy winds and the boat bopping around wore me out so much that by the time the hurricane hit land, I was so exhausted I slept right thru the worst of it 😂

Maybe that experience is why I chose the yoga class I did today - The Abandon Comfort Zone flow by @jasoncrandell. For my friends that practice yoga, I gifted the class to you in my Insta Story today! 🤗

The way the idea was presented was brilliant! Instead of pushing ourselves and forcing us out of comfort, we were instructed to lean into whats comfortable, familiar, and habitual so we could gently expand our own comfort zone. 

Therefore, we improve ourselves skillfully without so much struggle and stress.

Im making this idea my intention for the week. Heck, its so good maybe Ill stick with it for a month or two.

Do you want me to keep you posted on my progress? Give me a Y in comments if youre interested. ❤️

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3 great reasons to quiet the mind:

1. Youll be more open to the guidance within you - No one knows better than you what you are after & steps to take to get there. The catch is learning how to listen to whats being said. If you can slow your mind down enough, youll hear the guidance better.

2. Youll become more creative - It helps to get those creative juices flowing. I cant tell you how many times I just get into a zone after quieting the mind and all these ideas just come pouring out of me. Its so much fun to just go with it and see the results!

3. You gain focus - How difficult is it to actually get things done when your mind is racing in a million directions? Yep, you know what I mean! Those days when you feel exhausted at the end of it but not really sure what you got done 😕 If you can calm that mind down to focus on one task at a time, its a lot easier to finish everything you start.

Check out my latest story up in the On the Mat highlight for the gift of a yoga class that will help you do this!

Dont worry. Its not something you need to know yoga to do - this class ANYONE can do!! And it really works 😄

Just click the On the Mat circle and try the link in the last story.

~ Many Blessings

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How do I know Im a true Floridian now?

I just saw the NY walkers.  Thats a crew of women I only see down here during the winter months out walking at 7:30am nearly every day.

They were all in tank tops and shorts.

Not unusual, right?

Except for me! Im not only bundled on long sleeves but need my sweater too!!

I mean its only 67 stinking degrees out there right now!!! 😱

Lol... yep. True Floridian now! 😉

#livingthedreamlife #iloveflorida #floridalifestyle #annesane #liveyoursane
Hold your head high and magic happens!⁠
After practicing my exercises on success, Ive noticed Im walking with my head held high and my chest lifted. You know how you do when your feeling proud because youve accomplished something you set out to do?⁠
Well, I decided to look UP into the still dark sky and I saw all these stars shining. But thats not the best part!⁠
The BEST part was I saw a huge shooting star fly across the whole sky! It was the closest shooting star Id ever seen!! The trail was clear as day.⁠
What Magic!!! 🤩⁠
Are you ready to find out what YOUR success feels like so you can walk with your head held high and find magic in your life?⁠
Head on over to my bio link, @iamannesane , and click on the FREE exercise to reach your goals! Youll LOVE it!!!⁠
And the best part is you get to KEEP the exercise!⁠
~ Many Blessings⁠
Putting myself out there again! If you want to have an online business, youve got to be willing to put yourself out there.

Whether its for a physical product or a service, nowadays everyone loves to hear the story behind what youre selling.

Telling that story is also a great way to:

1) get feedback - something every business can use to know their customers needs better

2) stay motivated - it will remind yourself why youre doing what youre doing

3) gain courage - on a daily basis we as solopreneurs have to do something we dont want to do and it takes courage to get it done anyway

If you want to hear my podcast interview, go and follow @manifestingclaritypodcast to find out when its airing!

~ Many Blessings