Corporate Lifestyle to Internet Entrepreneur Living on a Boat

Hi there! Anne here.

Recently I decided to follow my dreams and completely turned my life upside down. My corporate life was draining my soul, not to mention affecting my health poorly.

After a crazy turn of events, my heart started to sing out for something more in life. So I decided to follow my dreams!

I started my own company, quit my 20+ year career, sold my mountain home, moved East, and bought a boat to go sailing!

Yeah, I know, my recent life choices may sound a little crazy and you’re wondering what in the heck made me change my life so drastically.

Honestly, talking about my story is not something I'm usually very comfortable doing. I'd rather find out more about you.

But if hearing my story helps you make changes to a life that you’re really unhappy with, then let’s do it!

Interestingly enough, I’ve had a lifetime full of BIG changes.

It all started at the age of 11 and my Dad, who I loved dearly, passed away from cancer. That really turned my world upside down, as you can imagine. I just couldn’t wait to get out of the house that became empty and lonely with all 6 of my siblings off to college and living their own lives by the time I was 14.

The next really BIG change was marrying the love-of-my-life on the East Coast of US and immediately moving to the Southwest. That was quite a difference in culture and environment! But I learned to get used to it and find what I loved about it.

I then went heavy into the business world, even though I studied Theatre Arts in college. Eventually I climbed up to a Sales Executive position and enjoyed a very "comfortable" life.

During that time, my husband joined the military after 9-11 and I spent 5 total years home alone. I learned a ton about being a homeowner and taking care of 3 dogs all by myself.

After a bunch of time passed by, I found that making a “comfortable” living doing work that wasn’t very satisfying left me unfulfilled and truthfully a bit frightened.

Me and my colleagues were always stressed and dreaming of another scenario for our lives but we could never figure out how to get off the hamster wheel and make that BIG life change. We used to call it the velvet handcuffs because no matter what else was out there, it was just easier to stay right where we were.

Then one by one, my co-workers started getting ill and even passing away. In a matter of 6 years, 4 passed away – all BEFORE they retired & got to enjoy their lives away from work.

That's when I decided this was NOT going to be how MY life ended up!

Finally I found hope. I created my own product called Catwalk Clawz. The only issue was that I still had to work my full-time job to pay the bills. This made it a challenge to find the focus and time needed to grow my own company.

However because I couldn’t stop my constant brain chatter about what I didn’t like about life and because I needed a boost of some confidence as an entrepreneur, I started down the road of personal development.

I took 2 major courses to help me, one that was 12 weeks long and one that was 6 months long. Also, I watched YouTube vid after YouTube vid just trying to improve my state of mind and my life.

Well, guess what??? It worked!!

One day my husband came home from work with an idea that could solve ALL the issues I wasn’t happy with in life. Issues like how we worked ourselves to the bone with nothing but debt to show for it. Like our health deteriorating and how we weren’t really doing much for enjoyment anymore. Also, I could out of that dead-end job where I definitely did not feel appreciated AND have a way to spend more time building my own company.

That's where the idea to sell our house in CO, buy a sailboat and go LIVE life came from…because THE WORLD IS HAPPENING OUT THERE, people!!

So less than 2 months after we had this idea we signed the papers to sell our house, I resigned from my longtime career in industrial sales and we took off to travel across the US, go refit and move aboard our sailboat and sail away!

Thankfully I was already selling my product online so I could easily transition into working from a laptop just about anywhere that had the internet. It all worked out really well.

Now I find myself living a life that brings me peace, joy and tons of happiness!

It wasn’t all fun and games. It took A LOT more work to get where I am. Being an entrepreneur is a constant growing experience with lots of challenges.

But because of all my experiences I find myself full of knowledge and wisdom to share with you so that hopefully you get to live the life you were always meant to live as well!

See, I believe we’re all meant to be happy. And by happy, I mean just appreciative of each and every moment we have. Able to see beauty in all we look at and sharing and giving in our own unique way with others.

I truly hope that this blog helps to find a clear pathway to your goals and dreams so you can begin to Live Your Sane!

Many Blessings ~