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3 Reasons to Follow Your Dreams

The decision to follow your dreams can be a nerve-wracking one. How will you survive financially? Will your loved ones go along with the idea? What happens if it doesn’t work out?

When I was presented with how I would be able to financially swing building my own business and living out my dream lifestyle, it was a choice I never even thought about before that moment! That choice was selling my house and just about everything I had worked for over the years, leaving a 20+ year career and venturing way deep into the unknown – which has taught me first hand how daunting that can feel.

But oddly enough, when the decision was presented to me it felt so perfectly comforting. There was no anxiety, no second guessing, no subconscious whispers of doubt and no fear.

Only a feeling of freedom.

That feeling is still with me a few years later. Even with all the struggles that have come along with such massive life changes, I still know in my heart that it was and always will be the best decision I could have made.

Why is that? Here a few reasons:



Following your dreams keeps your childish wonder alive – lighting up your soul!

Even though I was living in a great location in Colorado with a comfortable income that I could possibly ride out until I retired, I felt like the life was being sucked out of me. There wasn't something to get excited about doing anymore. The days were all the same and I felt like a robot.

Do you have an idea what I'm talking about?

Well, I'm here to tell you that when you go after your dreams, you feel energized and excited, like a child. I love it when I'm acting giddy and laughing. It's also made me feel strong with a sense of pride and overwhelmed with joy.

Personally, my spirit has been lifted and I'm full of anticipation for the new and exciting things to come my way each and every day. I feel ready to go forward with living life to the fullest!


Showing a path with a focal point

By constantly keeping my dreams in mind, I feel the strength to be able to tackle my day and any adversity that might come my way.

Life can throw unanticipated circumstances your way but it’s how you adapt to them that counts. And if you don’t let these circumstances knock you off course, if you stay focused on your goals, you become refined.

By refined, I'm talking about gaining clarity. The more you think about the ideal life you'd like to live, the more you see how to create that for yourself. It's like the pathway starts to become clearer and clearer and the actions you need to take toward making it happen are revealed.

I don't know about you, but when I'm not focused I find myself looking back at days, weeks or even sometimes months and think "what did I actually accomplish?" It gives me that scary feeling that life is passing me by and I have nothing to show for it.

Have you ever had that feeling?

Then I realized if there aren't any stepping stones or building blocks for me to follow, how do I even know if I'm actually going the direction I want to go in?

That's when I take a step back, think of where I want to end up and follow it backward to my immediate actions. I make sure daily and weekly targets are what I accomplish and before you know it, the goal is met.

By staying focused on making progress toward what I really want in life, I never tire, get stressed or feel bored.

It's the constant and consistent actions that crumble the obstacles that could slow or even stop the process. Having this laser focus, setting goals and taking action toward it is the key to gaining success!


Big Pink Sunrise over the ocean

By following your righteous desires, you become a part of a bigger plan.

When that tug in your heart or that voice in your head keeps asking you to do something and it never stops, no matter what, that’s when you know it’s a part of something so much bigger.

You may have no blessed idea what that plan is and it might be something you never thought of doing ever before, but that’s especially when you know it’s a piece of a much bigger puzzle that will reveal itself later.

When I had the notion to start a business of my own, I remember a friend asking me what I was going to do and I had no answer for him at all. I just knew that it was something I could do and had to do.

It wasn't until years later that one of a dozen ideas came to me at just the right time. A time when everything was in place for me to make that step.

What the business was didn't really matter. It only mattered that I took that first step.

Since then my life has been on hyper-drive. I've had success and failures. My self growth has been huge and the wisdom I've gained has exceeded all expectations.

I have landed in a place that feels like home. This place has so much room for me to grow. I'm constantly learning new things about business and personal development.

Life's definitely not robotic anymore.

Following your dreams just makes sure you become your full potential. It brings you back to life and takes you down a glorious path. You'll gain insight you never thought you would and you'll find out things about yourself you never thought possible.

You'll fill that piece of the puzzle meant just for you and become a part of something that will light your soul.

I hope you'll join me in living life to the fullest!

Many Blessings ~


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